A Knight's Tale

Female. 24. 5'2" Hair color varies. A lot. Livin' the good life over here in sunny soutthern California.

Zoology major.

Superwholockian. Potterhead. Disnerd.

Be excellent to each other.
Hakuna Matata.
Don't be a dick.
Existence precedes essence.
Carpe Diem.
Dance like a fool.
Grow older, not up.
Ia ora te natura. E mea arofa teie ao nei.

Be who you are. Take nothing for granted. Memories are precious. Spread the happy.
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Tan that white ass, bitch.

All around the world statues crumble for me ☀️

Picking strawberries with my cousin, and lifelong best friend ❤️ love this broad.

I take a lot of selfies. 😘

The ghost in your room that you always thought didn’t approve of you knocking boots never stopped you letting me get hold of the sweet spot by the scruff of your knee socks.

I’m trying to start loving my curves.

New dress. Haven’t straightened my hair in a long time. Figuring out my sexuality. Hi!