A Knight's Tale

Female. 24. 5'2" Hair color varies. A lot. Livin' the good life over here in sunny soutthern California.

Zoology major.

Superwholockian. Potterhead. Disnerd.

Be excellent to each other.
Hakuna Matata.
Don't be a dick.
Existence precedes essence.
Carpe Diem.
Dance like a fool.
Grow older, not up.
Ia ora te natura. E mea arofa teie ao nei.

Be who you are. Take nothing for granted. Memories are precious. Spread the happy.
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*British. Or Irish. Or Scottish. Basically, from the UK.

*Looks like Garrett Hedlund or Jensen Ackles.

*Full sleeves (but not of dumb things).

*A touch of rockabilly.


*Have the personality of Tony Stark.

Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Keep your eyes peeled, yeah?

Pin me up buttercup. #redlipstick #cateyes #retro #50s #greaser #pinup #poof (Taken with Instagram)

You need to hurry up and come home so I can yank that cigarette out of your mouth, and rip off your suspenders, white tee shirt, and cuffed jeans.